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Published: 12/1/2020
Are you feeling stuck in life? Somewhere in the middle of the long hours at work, with family life and kids' activities tacked on the end, you've gotten off track. Until now you've dismissed faith as an answer. You're fed up with too-churchy talk and Christians who don't live like God. But what may interest you is a faith that actually works—one that helps you to see what God is doing and hear God speak…

This book is exactly what it says, an invitation to follow Jesus and how to develop a personal relationship with Him. It is easy to read, with a conversational style, and although scriptural quotes are given, the chapters are not heavy on Biblical text. It is broken down into seven topics covering the basic themes for developing a God centred lifestyle. From the decision to follow Jesus, to making the connection of a relationship, the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit, prayer, faith, obedience, and finally, to loving others. The subjects are broken down in a clear and applicable way.

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Each chapter is a mix of personal testimony and the author’s thoughts on the practical aspects of living in a personal relationship with Jesus. Mid way through the chapter there is a ‘reflect’ exercise, with four personal questions, and space for you to write down your answers. The chapter ends with an ‘apply’ section where 4-5 suggestions are given for practical exercises to develop what you have learnt. The author suggests choosing one that suits your personality and the importance of following through.

How this book affected me:

In each chapter I found words that were a challenge and a blessing. The last chapter ‘Loving Others – Becoming Kindness to all people’ is at the heart of the gospel. The author states that today in our society ‘love’ is an often mis-used word, but kindness comes with no strings attached. The concept developed here fits in with the practical tone of the book, kindness is the day-to-day application of love. The conclusion of the book is our response to the invitation, not an end but a new beginning, to accept and to follow Jesus and start a life-time adventure.

Who would enjoy this book?

Invited – A Simple Guide for Connecting with God is a book that you could give to anyone seeking faith and wanting to understand and grasp the idea of a relationship with God. It would be particularly suitable for a new Christian or a group of Christians on a discipleship course. I would recommend this book as being useful for group study, and also to generate further discussion of the different styles and ways of connecting in relationship with the Lord.

Meet The Author: Matt Berry


Matt Berry is an author and director of The Jesus Following Network. He also works full-time in the field of Cybersecurity. His mission in life is to inspire and nurture a lifestyle of movement, freedom, and rest in the lives of spiritually inclined people. He and his wife, Elisa, live in Big Lake, Minnesota, where they are raising their four boys to be world changers—and to not burp at the table.

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