Halle Takes a Stand Book Review

Halle Takes a Stand Book Review. Children’s book about fitting in. When you want to fit in. Paul David Tripp Editor Joe Hox Illustrator Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
This colorful, beautifully illustrated children's book invites children ages three through eight into Halle Hedgehog's world to learn alongside her how Jesus gives her courage to take a stand against meanness. Halle Hedgehog has a group of school friends she sits with at lunch and plays with at recess. One day, the whole group excludes another girl and decides to be mean to her. This bothers Halle, but she doesn't say anything because she doesn…

The theme of this installment of the Good News for Little Hearts series is ‘when you want to fit in’. The storyline and illustrations are on par with the other well-written and beautifully illustrated books of the series.

Halle Hedgehog finds herself in a situation at school that many children will face at one point or another. Halle’s friend Maddie doesn’t like Freya. Maddie teases Freya and says mean things, putting Halle in an uncomfortable situation. She’s afraid to stand up to Maddie because she doesn’t want Maddie to be mad at her. Halle ultimately succumbs to peer pressure and Mr. Owl overhears her being mean behind Freya’s back. Can Mr. Owl and Halle’s parents give Halle the encouragement and confidence she needs to stand up to Maddie for Freya?

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This is a topic most relatable to school-age children and the text length would be best for ages 5 and up. The way Maddie treats Freya can be used as a bullying example, but the core theme is about not compromising on your values because you want to fit in. Halle Takes a Stand handles the topic well.

There are several tips at the end of the book for adults to help children learn how to handle peer pressure.


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