God Made Me and You Book Review

God Made Me and You Book Review. Celebrating God's Design for Ethnic Diversity. Christian childrens book. Author Shai Linne. Illustrator Trish Mahoney. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Published: 9/17/2018
How can we help children learn to celebrate ethnic differences? Shai Linne authored this delightful book set in a classroom where the children are teasing each other about the color of their skin. Their teacher helps them to understand that ethnic differences are to be celebrated— not to be made fun of or even just tolerated. They learn together that, like the facets of a jewel, the glory of God shines all the more brightly…

The newly released God Made Me and You Church and School Edition offers another avenue for celebrating God’s design for ethnic diversity. The softcover books are an economical choice for distribution to churches and schools and are sold by the 10-pack. The original hardcover version is still available.

Author Shai Linne’s story takes place in a Christian classroom where bullies tease other students for various reasons. The teacher uses the opportunity to refer to the Bible to teach that God intentionally created diversity. Race is a gift to be celebrated for the glory of God. The biblical concepts are conveyed with plain language that children will understand, such as, People hate for silly things, like the color of skin. I forgave the imperfect rhyme based on the value of the message.

God Made Me and You is worthy of group/classroom or one-on-one discussion with children. It’s a timely topic for racial diversity, but the book handles any type of diversity. Trish Mahoney’s illustrations include various ethnicities, as well as students with physical challenges, including visible birthmarks.  In addition to the book, the author created a catchy and adorable song that would add more fun for home or classroom use.

Supplemental material includes ‘6 Ways to help children appreciate God’s design for ethnic diversity’. This timely story plus a catchy song plus a supplemental guide equals a winning combination.

Meet the Author:

Author Shai Linne is a recording artist and author. His numerous Christian hip-hop albums include The Attributes of God and The Atonement. His first book, God Made Me and You, was published in 2018. He had the privilege of helping to plant Risen Christ Fellowship in September 2015 in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. In 2010, he completed a pastoral internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C., before serving for two years as an elder at Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA.

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