Book Review: Finding Our Voice

Book Review: Finding Our Voice: Unsung Lives from the Bible Resonating with Stories from Today
Published: July 5, 2019
An interesting and often challenging look at some of the unnamed people in the Bible and their contemporary counterparts. In Finding Our Voice, powerful modern-day testimony intermingles with the often raw experiences of those we read about in the pages of the Bible - unnamed characters who have, in a sense, never had a 'voice' of their own. The Bible is full of stories of people facing surprisingly modern issues. Within its pages, people have…

A poignant portrayal of the interconnectedness of people and of common human conditions that transcend time and place.

Timeless Human Condition:

For too many people, the Bible feels like an un-relatable outdated work of fiction, irrelevant to today’s modern world. Finding Our Voice brings Bible stories to life in a unique, creative, and powerful way.

In Finding Our Voice: Unsung Lives from the Bible Resonating with Stories from Today, UK Author Jeannie Kendall ties the poignant and difficult human challenges from unsung biblical characters to corresponding contemporary voices with similar circumstances and challenges.

Kendall’s debut book artfully portrays the universal interconnectedness of people and proves that common human conditions transcend time and place.

Creative voices:

The unsung voices from the Bible are revealed in a delightfully creative way at the end of each of their stories. Examples of unsung Bible voices include a Magi (one of the Wise Men) and the mother of a child who was killed after Herod’s edict to murder all boys under the age of three.

Corresponding Bible verses relate the unsung voice to the familiar Biblical context.

Circumstances that unite us:

The journeys include realistic and painful challenges, such as losing a child or facing long-term illness.

The themes are universal and relatable to anyone, such as depression and forgiveness.

The stories have a wide-reaching impact and are sure to resonate with readers.  In regards to forgiveness, I personally related to the voice who struggles with self-forgiveness: “What I did know was that I could never shake off the things in my life that I had done wrong.

And then there’s the multitude who struggle with forgiving someone who’s wronged them: “Then there were the things other people had done to me. I stored them up too, a putrefying hoard which I knew I should not keep but somehow could not part with.

And for those who doubt that Jesus understands the magnitude of their struggle and pain: “One of the most helpful realisations was that, before the crucifixion, Jesus found himself powerless and at the mercy of the soldiers, abused and broken… he gets it, really understands.

It is so easy to take life and vitality for granted.” Kendall’s book left me feeling a deep connection and empathy for others, an appreciation for the blessings I have and a kinship to Jesus and his contemporaries that I don’t always feel when I read the Bible.

Book is most suitable for:

Finding Our Voice is sure to delight Biblical historians, anthropology lovers, anyone who loves true, inspirational stories, and introspective bookworms.

Meet the Author:


Learn more about Jeannie Kendall HERE.

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