Find Your Weigh Book Review

Find Your Weigh Book Review. Renew Your Mind & Walk In Freedom. Author Shellie Bowdoin. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
When has a diet ever yielded long-term weight results? ”Read this book, engage in the Bible study, listen to the Spirit of God whisper that you are God’s dear child, and reorient your mind around the truth that you mean more to Him than the stars in the sky; You’ll find a beautiful blend of freedom and determination.” Rob Ketterling, Excerpt from Foreword – author and pastor of River Valley Church, Front Row Leadership,, Change Before You…

Author Shellie Bowdoin’s Find Your Weigh is more than a diet book. In fact, it’s more of an anti-diet book. It discusses journaling to uncover the reasons why a person is struggling with food, then walks through nine steps that lead to a healthy mindset and relationship with food. Topics such as ‘Changing the Diet Mentality’, ‘Overcoming Food Excuses’, and ‘Developing Habits to Find Your Weigh’ are all packed with practical and actionable guidance. Bowdoin’s 50-day journal is a proactive approach to exploring a personal relationship with food.

Unlike other diet or healthy lifestyle books, Find Your Weigh keeps God at the center of the journey. Scripture is sprinkled throughout. For additional Christian emphasis, Bowdoin offers a companion bible study version, called Find Your Weigh Walk in Freedom Bible Study Guide.

How this book affected me:

I agree with the author that weight management stems from a lifestyle of healthy choices more so than following the latest fad diet. I was fortunate to have a forgiving metabolism that kept my weight under control. But then 20 stubborn pounds latched on and refused to let go of my midsection. In my relatively short time of trying to lose the weight, I had never brought God into my plan or efforts. Find Your Weigh was a refreshing look at changing your mindset for a lifetime of healthy weight while keeping God in the mix. I definitely found a few key takeaways in this book that I will apply to my own journey.

Who would enjoy this book:

Christians who are struggling with weight management would enjoy and appreciate the biblical basis and references in this book. Anyone looking to amp up a healthier lifestyle and get off the rollercoaster of fad dieting would enjoy Find Your Weigh.

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Meet the Author:

Shellie Bowdoin is a writer and a global ambassador for Christ having served as a missionary in Asia for almost a quarter of a century. With her academic background in education from Troy University, Alabama and further ministry training at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Philippines, Shellie’s heartbeat is to minister to women.

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Find Your Weigh Book Review. Renew Your Mind & Walk In Freedom. Author Shellie Bowdoin. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

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