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Even When Book Review. Rejoicing in God’s Faithfulness through Life’s Uncertainty, Disappointment, and Loss. Christian nonfiction book. Author Sara Pasterski. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Life can be difficult. Unexpected, life-altering changes occur in a moment without warning. Relationships and pleasures in life can quickly become fleeting memories. Through all life’s unforeseen events, there is One who is holding our lives in His hand. A constant through all life’s trials, disappointments, losses, and uncertainties is our loving and faithful God who remains in control. In her debut memoir, author Sara Pasterski takes readers on her personal journey through many life…

God’s faithfulness during times of hardship.

How do we keep our faithfulness even when we’re struggling? How can we trust in God’s faithfulness even when our faith is being tested?

We all face hardships in life and sometimes it’s easy to turn away from God in our grief and disappointment. Even When – Rejoicing in God’s Faithfulness through Life’s Uncertainty, Disappointment, and Loss is an inspirational reminder of God’s love. Even when it doesn’t look or feel like love. Author Sara Pasterski uses Scripture to walk through various trials humans face and shows how our loving, faithful God is there all the while.

Ms. Pasterski uses applicable examples to bring the concepts to life. She recounts her personal suffering of loss and infertility, as well as the inspiring story of Corrie ten Boon.

Ms. Pasterski’s religious assertions are based on the Scripture she quotes and her years of religious study. Each chapter covers a specific topic, such as ‘When Trials Come’, ‘Faithfulness in Fear,’ and ‘Faithfulness in Uncertainty’.  The explanations are presented clearly and the Scripture throughout supports the topics.

The Introduction is an important element in understanding the context of the book. The beginning of Chapter One felt abrupt but quickly settled into a well-written and systematic journey through human trials and the comfort of God’s constant love.

How this book affected me:

Even When tackles key Christian concepts, such as suffering, why we suffer, God’s discipline, what it takes for Salvation, etc. My understanding of these topics oscillates between comprehension and confusion. Ms. Pasterski presented them in a way that I found helpful to my understanding – at least for the moment. 🙂

Who would enjoy this book:

This book would offer hope and help to any Christian facing a challenge. It will help anyone struggling with Christian doubt, anger, or confusion due to adversity.

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Meet the Author:

Sara Pasterski is a follower of Jesus Christ & a student of the Bible who loves learning and growing in Christ more than anything else. Sara’s love for the outdoors and adventures have been helpful attributes through her many relocations and travel opportunities. Sara is a native Wisconsinite now living in South Florida by way of Tennessee. You can contact her at Facebook or Email.


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