Book Review: The Eden Concept

The Eden Concept: Marriage God's Way
Are you married? Do you wish to be? Do you have a good marriage, but desire for a better one? Are you struggling in your marriage and have questions? There is One with all the answers. The Eden Concept dismisses mankind’s view of marriage and sees it as God, the Absolute Authority, designed it. In this book, we throw out man’s happiness and self-gratification as the standard and instead elevate God’s Word as the design…

Biblically-based, unapologetically conservative, and straightforward guidance and practical examples to lead both single adults and husbands and wives to a God-centered marriage.

Marriage from God’s Eyes

Christian couple Dana & Kimberly Williams have been married since 1993. With Dana’s role as pastor and Kimberly’s role as homeschooling mom and author, they have faced all the normal marital challenges. Their collective input resulted in their book: The Eden Concept: Marriage God’s Way.

Packed with biblical references, The Eden Concept is a comprehensive guide for husbands and wives. Topics cover the gamut of Christian values, including raising children, the aspects of worship in a marriage, and a supplemental study guide.

No-Nonsense and Practical

I especially appreciated the no-nonsense advice, such as: being accountable, and three ways for a husband to improve his marriage: give his wife his heart, his head, and his hands. Or simply, “Love is a choice we make.”

Practical examples of a God-centered marriage include a list of some of the ways a husband shows love to his wife and vice versa. They’re basic concepts that are easy to implement but often bypassed in today’s rushed society.

A Trip Back to Eden

And what would a book on marriage be if it didn’t cover sexuality? The Eden Concept covers biblical sexuality, including the concepts of: “Sex starts in the kitchen” and “If you want your desires met, meet your spouse’s.”

The basis for a marriage ‘God’s way’ began back in Eden. The Williams’s bring us back to the beginning and lay the foundation for what God intended marriage to be. A husband and wife, side by side, was from the original design. Eve was equal, but different, from Adam.


Temptation started in that garden and continues to plague today’s couples. Satan uses any means possible to shake our faith, including trying to create havoc within our marriage. The Williams’s remind us to keep our eyes open and resist yielding to temptation.

Biblical Roles

A common worldy opinion is that Christianity denigrates the role of a wife, while the truth is simply that wives and husbands have different roles. The Eden Concept addresses the biblical requirement of submission of a wife. Yes, it’s true, but only to a point. Women need to draw the line when asked to sin. The authors spend a refreshing amount of time explaining how Christianity actually elevates the role of a wife.

Choosing a marriage partner is one of life’s most important decisions and many people rush into it without God’s will in mind at all. But all the rules for a Godly marriage are found in God’s Word. The Eden Concept will lead you through all of it, and readers will find it helpful whether they’re already married or not.

This book inspires me to step up my marriage-game. I never fully considered what it meant to be a godly wife and was rather intimidated even at the idea of it. Although God is already important in my life, He should become more important in my marriage. I’m inspired to become a better wife by walking more closely with God in my marriage.

All Options Available

I listened to the audiobook on Audible. It was my first audiobook experience and was pleasantly-narrated and engaging. The Eden Concept is also available as ebook and softcover, but they aren’t linked on Amazon (as of this writing), so search by the title and you’ll find all the versions.

Book is most suitable for:

Heterosexual Christians only.  Currently-married couples (because every marriage can be improved) or single adults who are considering marriage or dating with the intention of marriage are certain to benefit from this book.

Meet the Authors

Learn more about Dana and Kimberly Williams HERE.

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