Dream Chasers Book Review

Dream Chasers Book Review. Christian books adult nonfiction. A Journey of Faith. Author Eric Suddoth. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
We all have a dream We all have a purpose It’s time to use your dream to fulfill your purpose We were created to dream, but so often we lose the childlike innocence of dreaming of things to come. This book is a compelling reminder that God has an incredible purpose for everyone’s life. The Bible is filled with stories of people following their dreams – walking to freedom through a sea, defeating giants with…

Dream Chasers A Journey of Faith is author Eric Suddoth’s guide to walking in alignment with God while chasing our dreams. Inspired by Hebrews 11, Faith in Action, the topics cover faith, hope, wisdom, and others.

As compared to many other devotionals or Christian books, Dream Chasers contains a heavy dose of applicable Bible passages. The verses are sprinkled strategically throughout the chapters. Mr. Suddoth also uses interesting biblical stories and examples to support his points.

Dream Chasers offers a challenge to step up your faith game. The straightforward concepts are easy to lose sight of on a daily basis, making this book a good guide for living a fulfilled life in alignment with God’s will.

As Mr. Suddoth describes: “It’s so easy to say that I have faith in God because those are just words. Sometimes I think we use that phrase as a cop out because we are putting all the balls in God’s court and if it doesn’t work out we just say, Well, it wasn’t in God’s plan.”

And his helpful reminders nudge us back to the right path if we’re wandering astray, even in a “good” way. As he says, “But sometimes we do so much good that we miss God.”

Reading Dream Chasers is like listening to a caring friend who’s encouraging you to follow your dreams alongside Jesus.

How this book affected me:

Although Mr. Suddoth and I are in different seasons of life, I found his concepts applicable to my life in many ways. I especially related to the point he made about the times when we’re not clear on God’s plan for our lives. The concepts apply to any Christian seeking a closer relationship with God.

Who would enjoy this book:

Dream Chasers (*affiliate link) is written from the perspective of a young, single man, making it suitable for millennials who might also be struggling with their faith and or their walk with God. However, many trials on the Christian journey are those we’ve all faced, making this book applicable to most Christians. It’s specifically aimed at those who are trying to walk in alignment with God to find their purpose and chase their dreams.

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Meet the Author:

Eric Suddoth is a mystery and inspirational author. He lives in Western Kentucky and is an avid traveler. He is passionate about helping others pursue their dreams and is available for speaking engagements.

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Dream Chasers Book Review. Christian books adult nonfiction. A Journey of Faith. Author Eric Suddoth. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

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