DoubtLess Book Review

DoubtLess Book Review. Christian nonfiction book. Because Faith is Hard. Author Shelby Abbott. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Is God good? Can I trust him with my life? Is the Bible true? These are just some of the questions that can plague young adults as they stand at the crossroads of life, when new responsibilities loom large and the world around them treats God as a small or irrelevant part of life. In DoubtLess, author and Cru campus minister Shelby Abbott comes alongside young Christians to help them honestly face their doubt and turn to…

What Christian hasn’t experienced doubt at one point or another? It’s hard enough to work through doubt as an adult, but it’s even more challenging for young adults. Author Shelby Abbott’s DoubtLess is just the rulebook doubters need. He provides guidance for finding your way through doubt before it turns into unbelief.

Abbott hits the mark with his explanations and guidance for doubters. He has a history of working with and writing for young adults. Although younger people are his target audience, I felt as if an adult could gain as much from DoubtLess as anyone. It’s written generically enough that it doesn’t focus on today’s specific issues for teens or young adults and the concepts are presented in an ‘adult’ way.

DoubtLess Book Review. Christian nonfiction book. Because Faith is Hard. Author Shelby Abbott. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.

This is a great book for budding apologists, as Abbott creates the interesting and logical case that Jesus actually rose from the dead. He describes the circumstances that lead to doubt and the steps to take to prevent the doubt from becoming unbelief. Each chapter ends with thought-provoking reflection questions that help the reader work through their current doubts.

DoubtLess is packed with practical information and guidance. It provides the reassurance doubters need and the roadmap from doubt to faith. DoubtLess is an antidote to today’s secular society.

How this book affected me:

I love books that offer substance and DoubtLess delivered! Doubt and faith are such abstract topics that I wondered if the author could hit his mark, but he did. Also, the actions he suggested to strengthen your faith are things I already do to keep my faith strong, so I know they work. I was pleasantly surprised that the author tackled this topic so well.

Who would enjoy this book:

Young adults (or any adults) who are struggling with Christian doubt would appreciate DoubtLess. It’s not necessarily an ‘easy’ read because the concepts are thought-provoking, but anyone who genuinely wants to work their way through doubt would be well served by this book.

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Meet Shelby Abbott:


Shelby Abbott is an author, campus minister, and conference speaker on staff with the ministry of Cru. His passion for university students has led him to speak at college campuses all over the United States and author the books Jacked, I Am a Tool (To Help with Your Dating Life), and Pressure Points: A Guide to Navigating Student Stress.

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