Book Review: The Creator’s Healing Power

The Creator's Healing Power: Restoring the Broken to Beautiful. Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within. By Jody Thomae
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Published: 07/24/2018
What if you could gather up all the shattered and scattered pieces of your broken heart and surrender them to a Master Artist who would then piece it back together into a BEaUtiful work of heART? A powerful kind of "Kintsugi of the Soul." Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold. When an object is broken, rather than discarding the damaged and broken, the pieces are…

‘The Creator’s Healing Power–Restoring the Broken to Beautiful: Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within’ is a beautiful multifaceted and interactive spiritual journey to wholeness.

Human nature is to question the meaning of life, whether there is a God, and what our purpose is. Can we seek Jesus through the creative process? As we find ourselves bruised and broken from life’s turmoil and tests, how do we find restoration?  Author Jody Thomae provides a path to Jesus and roadmap to recovery in The Creator’s Healing Power.

From Broken to Beautiful

The Creator’s Healing Power is based on the concept of Kintsugi of the Soul. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold. When an object is broken, rather than discarding the damaged and broken, the pieces are mended, and cracks are filled with precious metal and, in many ways, make the object more beautiful than it was at the start. Kintsugi is a powerful metaphor of Jesus Christ, the Master Artisan, filling and healing the shattered places within. Learn more at Ms. Thomae’s website HERE.

An Overview

There’s something cathartic about this book. It’s beautifully written, visually appealing, and soothing to the soul. The mix of Bible verses, meditation, and musical suggestions complement the text wonderfully, creating a multi-faceted spiritual journey.

Roadmap to Restoration

Written for creative thinkers, The Creator’s Healing Power is a comprehensive study, in a workbook-type style. Ms. Thomae walks readers through an examination of life, our purpose, goals, and relationship with God, as brought forth through numerous scriptures. She challenges us to confront the things that are holding us back.

Each section includes a Bible verse and a recommended Scripture reading that becomes the basis for the topic and discussion. Each includes recommended songs and ends with a prayer.

Progressive Path

The topics progress down an evolutionary path: Awakening, Resting, Confronting, Lamenting, Encountering, Journeying, and Adventuring. It’s a logical progression for the entire journey, but the individual topics could also be explored independently as a refresher in the future, depending on your needs.  The “Digging Deeper” sections could also serve as future refresher topics as well.

Soul Searching

The Creator’s Healing Power is not a light beach book that you can devour in a couple of hours. If used as intended, this book is a soul searching journey of discovery, healing, and hope. It’s meant to be absorbed, explored, and contemplated. It’s meant to lead the reader through a process, to restore brokenness to beautiful – and brokenness doesn’t mean the reader needs to have experienced undue trauma. We’re all broken in some way. This book provides a path to healing, especially for the creative and artistic types.

How it Touched Me

The intended audience for The Creator’s Healing Power is creative right-brainers, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, even as a (mostly) left-brainer. It tapped into my “creative imagination” and allowed me to expand beyond my normal cerebral praying and chats with God. I was introduced to the term and spiritual concept of meeting God in a ‘safe place’ and although I haven’t been able to get there successfully yet, my new goal is to experience God in this way. Ms. Thomae described me as she explained, “for those accustomed to a more cognitive expression of the Christian life have never experienced the Lord in this way.” The Creator’s Healing Power has opened the door to a new way of experiencing God and Jesus in my life.

Who Would Like This Book:

This book is definitely a must-have if you’re looking for a spiritual journey, especially spiritual healing. The Creator’s Healing Power would be a wonderful resource to read and re-read whenever you need a spiritual boost.

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