Come Sweet Day Book Review

Come Sweet Day Book Review Holding on to Hope in Dark Times Author Julianne Donaldson
Bestselling romance author Julianne Donaldson has written deeply emotional, sweeping love stories in Edenbrooke and Blackmoore, often commenting that her characters were a reflection of what she wanted a woman’s life to be: happy, secure, unconditionally loved, and fulfilled. But in reality her own life was far more marked by difficult challenges and disappointments. In her new book, Donaldson reveals her thoughts and feelings from that unsettled time of despair and suffering so women can…

Anyone looking for hope in dark times would find solace in Julianne Donaldson’s Come, Sweet Day. Ms. Donaldson reveals the pain and seeking she experienced through her divorce, single parenting, and cancer. These specific challenges are not addressed explicitly but they form the foundation on which her universal yearning and hope are based.

Come, Sweet Day is a beautiful collection of poems and essays that are coupled with vibrant, varied, and serene images.

This quick read is based on many Scriptures that give the reader hope, encouragement, and food for reflection. I can easily see the pages getting earmarked for repeated readings of pertinent passages, depending on the reader’s changing circumstances.

Come, Sweet Day cuts to the heart of what it means to seek God in the midst of challenges.

Come Sweet Day Book Review Holding on to Hope in Dark Times Author Julianne Donaldson

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How this book affected me:

I’m not in a particular struggle in life at the moment but have experienced many, as most people have. I could easily imagine the comfort that would come from reading Come, Sweet Day. Even if you hadn’t experienced the exact challenges that Ms. Donaldson has, her raw yearning and pure and hopeful faith would be inspiring for any Christian.

Who would enjoy this book:

This book is designed to be for those “holding on to hope in dark times.” As such, the ideal reader is facing a challenge and looking for hope, strength, and faith that God is near and the sun will shine again. The beautiful images and hardcover make it a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one who’s in the midst of a challenge.

Meet The Author:


Julianne Donaldson grew up as the daughter of a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. Spending her teen years living in Europe fed her love for history, her interest in travel, and her ongoing struggle with wanderlust.  She later turned her attention to writing about distant times and places. Her award-winning novels have been translated into 15 different languages.

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