Caspian Crashes the Party Book Review

Caspian Crashes the Party Book Review. Children’s book. When You Are Jealous. Editor Edward T. Welch Joe Hox Illustrator. Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
This colorful, beautifully illustrated children's book invites children ages three through eight into Caspian Squirrel's world to learn alongside him how to bring his jealousy to Jesus.Caspian's brother, Jax, is having a birthday party, and Caspian is jealous of all the attention and presents Jax is getting. One thing leads to another until Caspian crashes into the tent his parents set up for Jax's birthday, bringing the whole party down with him. Caspian's parents talk…

The theme of this installment of the Good News for Little Hearts series is jealousy. When Jax the squirrel’s birthday party turns into a big event, his big brother Caspian gets jealous. After all, Caspian’s birthday party hadn’t been so elaborate. Caspian almost makes it through the party before he can’t contain his jealousy anymore and he causes a scene. He holds onto his negative feelings until Pastor John’s sermon at church helps him turn to Jesus through the use of Psalm 63:3 Your love is better than life. Finally Caspian can get past his jealousy and make amends with his brother.

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With today’s society being as materialistic as it is, jealousy is a very real emotion that little Christians will have to face. Caspian Crashes the Party offers a realistic scenario that plays out alongside adorable, full-spread illustrations. Tips for helping your child with jealousy are included after the story.

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