Breathe Again Book Review

Breathe Again Christian book review
Breathe Again: How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart
Published: 8/6/2019
Goodreads Rating: 4.87
No one gets to skip the tough stuff and when life threatens to drown us we're left gasping for air, merely surviving a life we never ordered. Niki Hardy has been there, screaming, "God, is this it? Where's the abundant life you promised? Are you even listening?" Life might not be fair, but through loss, grief, and cancer, Niki discovered life doesn't have to be pain-free to be full. With sensitivity and without Christianese or…

Standing firmly on God’s foundation when your world is crumbling.

Your world doesn’t have to be in ruins for Breathe Again to bring the balance, joy, and faith that we can all use more of in life. Her perspective comes from her own losses in life – the deaths of her mother and sister, and her own struggle with cancer - but she speaks for anyone who’s faced serious adversity, namely all of us.

The humor and anecdotes sprinkled within the pages make Ms. Hardy come to life as more than a pastor’s wife, but a best friend who’s committed to smoothing your rocky journey.

The heart of Breathe Again is:

“encouragement that thriving – living the full abundant life God has for us – is possible right in the middle of our heartache, tragedy, and yearning.”


“We endure. we survive, and we forget to look for joy in the midst of deep grief or intimacy in a season of loneliness.”

Broken into three parts, Finding Solid Ground, Learning to Breathe Again, and Keep Calm and Breathe On, author Hardy walks through the process from flailing in desperation through long-term peace.

How we handle adversity is really about choices and Breathe Again provides the guidance for making choices that will help us handle the rough water with less seasickness. We can choose to be brave, choose to trust God, choose to find a community, and choose to practice gratitude. This empowering message offers help and hope to those who’re struggling.

Biblical references keep the message focused on God as the foundation. Practical suggestions, resources (including a Thriver Manifesto), and digital gifts offered through Ms. Hardy’s website offer readers additional support for their lifelong journey.

How this book affected me:

Having dealt with cancer diagnosis and treatment myself, I fully understood (and lived) the crux of this book. That the “seasons” of life are not compartmentalized into horrible or wonderful. Each season includes a mixture of blessings and challenges, that’s simply life. In fact, many of the greatest blessings in my life stemmed from my cancer journey – the toughest challenge of my life. Mine isn’t an uncommon experience. So, finding that light and holding tight to God in the darkness helps us breathe again. Although I’m not currently dealing with a serious struggle in my life, my heart followed along on this journey and still found peace and healing.

Who would enjoy this book:

Breathe Again is intended for those who are facing a particular life challenge. Someone whose world has been knocked off its axis or those who may be questioning where God is in their messy situation. I believe this book would also be helpful for those who become deflated and defeated with the challenges of everyday life. This book offers guidance for a shift of mindset no matter the circumstances.

Meet the Author:

Niki Hardy Breathe Again author


I’m all about helping you squeeze the juice out of life no matter what gets thrown your way. Doesn’t that sound good?

If you’re like me, and I suspect you are, when life slaps you around the face you hunker down and battle on, your stiff upper lip firmly in place (Brits have stiff upper lips – what do Americans have?). You tell yourself and everyone except a few close peeps you’re fine, when you’re anything but. Learn more.

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