Book Review: Breaking Anxiety’s Grip

Book Review Breaking Anxiety’s Grip. Christian adult nonfiction book. Author Dr. Michelle Bengtson. Christian Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Ours is an age of anxiety. We worry about our children, jobs, homes, health, and finances. News and social media feed our fears. Even the fear of missing out leads to anxiety. The solution isn't to rid ourselves of the sources of anxiety but to recognize that anxiety originates from a spiritual influence--and then use the weapons of power, love, and a sound mind to fight back and live in God's peace. Sharing her own…
A powerful formula for letting go of anxiety, fear, and worry

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip: How to Reclaim the Peace God Promises speaks to a rampant facet of today’s society. How many of us succumb to worry, fear, and anxiety over life’s speedbumps? I dare to say anyone who’s human has room for improvement in this area.

With great insight, examples, explanations, and action plans, Dr. Bengtson lays the framework for the old adage “letting go and letting God.”

We have choices:

As Dr. Bengston describes, our responses to life’s curveballs are choices. She has laid out an alternative path that requires letting go of control, saying ‘no’ to fear and worry, and praying, among others. These steps lead to greater reliance on God, and ultimately the peace we all yearn to have. However, the truth of the matter is these words on paper (or in cyberspace) are only meaningful if we truly take them to heart and choose different responses during challenging times.

God is the Answer:

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip is as much about God as anxiety. He is the answer – literally. Dr. Bengtson sprinkles inspirational tidbits throughout – such as, “God is trustworthy”, “God’s love is good no matter what”, and “Prayer is the most powerful gift we can offer others and ourselves”.

Each chapter ends with an Rx for your healing. It includes a relevant bible verse, self-reflection, a prayer for the reader, and a recommended playlist of applicable worship songs. The prayer and the music playlist are unique features that can enhance the reader’s journey.

Breaking Anxiety’s Grip paves the way for anyone who’s struggling with anxiety, fear, and worry, whether it be chronic or based on a particular circumstance. There are better choices you can make. Breaking Anxiety’s Grip will guide you to a more peaceful way.

How this book affected me:

My overall anxiety level is low-to-medium (generally), especially since my semi-retirement. 🙂 I chose to read this book because I felt this was a necessary topic for today’s harried society. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that everything Dr. Bengtson wrote is applicable to whatever level of anxiety, fear, or worry the readers face. There were many great lessons and examples included that reminded me to hand everything over to God and just trust Him.

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Meet the Author:

Dr. Michelle Bengtson is on a Mission: Instilling Hope in Hurting Hearts, Renewing Minds, and Empowering Families. She is a board certified clinical neuropsychologist with more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of medical and mental disorders in children, adults, and seniors.


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