Awesome Friendship Adventures Book Review

Awesome Friendship Adventure Book Review. Author Katy Ant. Children’s Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Awesome Friendship Adventure Book Review. Author Katy Ant. Children’s Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.
Goodreads Rating: 4.85
Wonderful adventures and challenges are on their way! In this NEW marvelous, colorfully illustrated book, the smart and funny parrot named Arthur has to face his worst nightmare, Evil Hawk. This dangerous predator stole Arthur’s golden feather and got away with it. Now, the brave parrot has to get it back. During this exciting adventure, Arthur will encounter many trials, meet new friends, and challenge himself. Return of the Golden Feather has the power to spark young readers’ imaginations with both beautiful illustrations and thoughtful storytelling. With 4500 words and 16 vibrant illustrations!

This animal adventure includes finding friendship in unlikely places.

In Awesome Friendship Adventures: Return of the Golden Feather, orphaned Arthur the parrot is blessed with a special golden feather. All the other animals believe the golden feather grants their wishes, making Arthur a popular and wealthy bird. When Evil Hawk steals the gold feather, Arthur begins a journey that will teach him he’s worth more than a feather. Perhaps he’ll even find friends and a ‘family’ he never had.

Arthur’s adventure to retrieve his gold feather unites unlikely new friends. There are several different themes wrapped in this main storyline. The characters are animals, introducing a unique and interesting setting. This also allows for very unlikely partnerships between animals that are normally adversaries, such as a hamster and a snake.

The story unfolds at a good pace and builds to a satisfying ending. All the while, new friendships blossom and the animals’ wishes come true through their unified effort.

At one point, it seemed like Arthur was developing an attraction to another bird (Alyssa). It seemed out of place for this target audience (age 6-8), but that story never progressed into anything more than the friendship.

Colorful illustrations are included within the short chapters and will help fledgling readers visualize the characters. The story stands on its own even without illustration. The writing is suitable for early readers and the length is not overwhelming at 39 pages long. Sentences are generally simple and the words are fundamental, with a few larger words sprinkled within. The 4,500 words of Awesome Friendship Adventures are broken into short chapters.

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Meet the Author:

Katy Ant started writing books at the age of nine and never stopped, eventually earning a BA in Journalism. After nineteen years of writing, she realized her real passion was writing for kids and finally decided to publish her first children's book. Ms. Ant co-founded a publishing house named Little Panda Publishing. You can contact her by e-mail HERE.

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Awesome Friendship Adventure Book Review. Author Katy Ant. Children’s Book Reviewer Shirley Alarie.


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