Dominick Series

Can Dominick find the love he deserves?

This 2-part series is based on real animals and events at RVR Horse Rescue and will leave both adults and children cheering for a sweet little donkey!

A New Home for Dominick: Poor Dominick the donkey is scared and confused when he arrives at RVR Horse Rescue. The only humans he ever knew were mean to him. An unlikely friend, Charity the old horse, tries to convince Dominick that RVR Horse Rescue is full of love for all the animals. Can Dominick learn to trust the humans in his new home? Will he ever find the happiness he deserves?

A New Family for Dominick: Dominick and Charity had both been saved by the wonderful people of RVR Horse Rescue. The donkey and old horse quickly became inseparable best buddies, until Charity was adopted and moved away with her new family. Poor Dominick was sad and lonely without his friend. None of the other animals and nice people could take the place of Charity. Will Dominick be able to make new friends and be happy again? Could he ever get a new family of his own?

Proceeds benefit nonprofit RVR Horse Rescue.


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