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Start a new Easter season tradition with your family by reading this beautifully illustrated “upside-down” book from Marty Machowski that includes fourteen Bible stories. The first side, Darkest Night, has seven stories that recount the events of Passion week ending with Christ’s crucifixion and burial. Flip the book over and continue by reading Brightest Day with seven more stories that progress from Christ’s resurrection through Pentecost. 

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This hardcover “upside-down” Easter Family Devotional is a perfect gift or family keepsake for Christian youth. It’s one-part “Darkest Night”, which includes the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem for the final time through His death and burial. It seems to end on a sad note, but Machowski reminds the young audience “that’s not the end of the story”.  The flip side is the  “Brightest Day”, which includes the discovery of the empty tomb through Jesus’ ascension.

The book is broken into fourteen short stories with accompanying expressive illustrations by Phil Schorr. Each story is two pages or shorter and can be read in a few minutes. The questions for discussion allow the messages to be fully absorbed and include answer prompts for parents or teachers.

Darkest Night Brightest Day incorporates a healthy dose of Scripture but also includes tidbits that help children put the story in context, such as an explanation of why the leaders wanted to kill Jesus.

New Growth Press doesn’t include an age range for this book, but I would suggest it for ages 5-10. For use in families, younger or older children would still benefit from and enjoy the stories and discussion. Darkest Night Brightest Day is a beautiful way for families or classrooms to celebrate the Easter season.

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