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Our Christian book reviews and summaries offer authors and publishers exposure for Christian books in a competitive market.

Looking for Christian Book Reviewers?

Do you have a great Christian book you’d like to see showcased in a review? Please review the following FAQs before requesting a review. Also, you might find this list of other book bloggers and promoters helpful.


What type of books do you review?

We only review Christian books. Our primary focus is new releases of Christian nonfiction adult and Christian children’s books. We accept either electronic or physical submissions. As much as I’d love to review Christian fiction, I usually can’t fit it in my schedule, but I’ve created a list of other book bloggers and promoters that I hope gives you some additional opportunity for your book promotion.

What is the cost for a review?

There is no charge for our reviews. This ensures we’re not influenced to give a good review simply because we’ve gotten paid to do it.

Am I guaranteed a review?

No. We don’t post reviews that are less than three stars – instead, we would pass on reviewing the book and would give feedback as to why. Independently published books are held to the same high standard as traditionally published books. (Hint: Many of our “passes” are for typos/grammar/punctuation errors. We stop reading as soon as we see the manuscript isn’t highly polished.)

Still interested?

Email me to get started.

Let’s chat about your Christian book!

How can I help you with book reviews?

Please email Shirley Alarie directly at: [email protected]

Our Christian Book Reviewers:

Shirley Alarie: I write for Jesus in many ways including as a Christian book reviewer. I’m a member of the Revell Reads Book Blogger program as well as a reviewer for Baker Books and New Growth Press. You can also find me as one of the Christian book reviewers on Amazon, Goodreads, and as a Professional NetGalley Reader and Top Reviewer.

Mary Laing: I’m a lifelong Christian and currently hold the position of Pastoral Administrator of the Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle. I’m an avid reader and wife, mother, and Mimi to my precious grandbabies.

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