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What God’s children believe

Join FatCat, the friendly feline, as he learns the traditional text of the Apostles’ Creed―the earliest summary of the apostles’ teaching. Enjoy vibrantly illustrated scenes of Jesus’s life and search for FatCat on every page!

Young readers and families will read a line from the creed along with a simple reflection to tuck into their hearts. With a list of Scriptures for further learning and a family prayer, this FatCat book is perfect to read again and again.

In a fun and accessible way, believers can visualize, memorize, understand, and confess the Apostles’ Creed, which has united all Christians for centuries.

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We tend to recite prayers by rote without fully comprehending or taking to heart the words we speak. The Apostles’ Creed: For All God’s Children helps break that habit by examining each aspect of the creed, one concept at a time. The short reflection that follows each sentence allows readers the opportunity to think through and discuss the meaning in great detail. This approach helps children grasp the concept and meaning of the creed in a way that will make the prayer more heartfelt and meaningful into their adulthood. Additionally, thought-provoking questions open the door for parents and educators to further discuss Christian concepts, such as Who is God? and What is God like?

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The version of the Creed includes Jesus descending into hell and the reflection includes the words, “When I die, Jesus meets me there…” The book is intended for children ages 4-8, so parents of the young or very sensitive might need to handle the concepts of death and judgment with particular care.

Natasha Kennedy’s illustrations capture the spiritual beauty of the Christian concepts in a child-friendly way. The darker-skinned Jesus may be a welcomed change for some children and might reflect Jesus’ actual skin tone as a Middle Easterner.

The hardcover format is a perfect way to preserve this keepsake over the course of years, as your children’s understanding develops. The Apostles’ Creed meets children’s level of understanding at any given time, making it a tool that can be used over and over again.

I love the idea of the FatCat – making the Church’s core messages of the Bible (the catechism) approachable for young learners. The fat cat hidden within the pages also adds a bit of extra fun for kids, but doesn’t detract from the important message of the book. The FatCat Series from publisher Lexham Press currently contains the coloring version of The Apostles’ Creed.

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