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About Me

I’m a midwesterner and New Englander turned snowbird, a chemical engineer turned writer, a cautiously optimistic cancer survivor, a tree-hugger, animal lover, first mate to my captain, ex-golfer, frizzy-haired, over-the-top dog-mom, sister, daughter, devoted friend, and committed wife with ‘steps’. I’m a Jesus-loving seasoned sinner.

Jesus has been my almost-constant companion ever since I was a kindergartner and He helped me handle the tragic drowning of my sixteen-year-old brother.

I’m not a theologian and I don’t have all the answers. I’m a lifelong Roman Catholic, who’s sickened by the gross sins of my church, and my scissors are poised to snip the final thread that has kept me dangling.

Most importantly, I have a burning desire to know and love Jesus and walk with Him in my daily life.  That’s independent of the church I attend – or don’t attend. Jesus is my faithful companion no matter what the sign on the building says.

Jesus is alive and well in our crazy world and I love to find Him in everyday ways. Won’t you join me on this joyful Christian journey?

Meet Our Small but Mighty Team

Fran Alarie

This man deserves a trophy for supporting me through endless endeavors! He’s my main man, best friend, and dear husband. Plus, he’s not a bad photographer!

Megan Alarie

Our talented photographer is granddaughter Megan. There’s nothing Megan loves more (besides her dog) than capturing a single moment and making it last forever. You can see her work and contact Megan at Alarie Photography.

Miss Mopsie

She’s light on skills but packed with inspirational mojo. Our furry little love-bug reminds us how to enjoy the little things in life.

Lord's Prayer Devotional


A Breaking it Down Devotional is a spiritual exploration of a religious writing, taken one tidbit at a time. It’s kind of like savoring each mouthful of an ice cream sundae, appreciating the ice cream, the topping, the whipped cream, the sprinkles, and the cherry, all individually and as part of the delicious whole.

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