What’s wrong with Little White Lies?

Little White Lies aren’t so bad, right? Many people even justify that they’re okay and actually kind. But they’re not okay or kind. How do we stop?

We all know that lying is wrong. It goes against our Christian values and violates the moral code. But for some reason, we’ve created a subcategory called “Little White Lies” and deemed those types of lies to be acceptable. After all, they don’t hurt…

Here I am, Lord

Are you waiting for God to reveal His plan for your life? He's already spoken to you. Are you ready to heed His instruction?

My favorite way to pray is through song. For some reason, the combination of music and lyrics often brings me to the verge of tears as the words seem to flutter into my soul. One such tearjerker is by Dan Schutte. ‘Here I am,…

A Conflicted Catholic

Organized religion can be a beautiful and powerful way to nurture faith in God. But what happens when human faults and failings destroy the very essence of the values and virtues the church is supposed to represent? Letter to the Catholic Church

As a Catholic who’s been sickened by the atrocities against children within my church, I’ve struggled with where the scandal leaves me as a life-long Catholic. It’s time to call my church to task, as I believe Jesus would ask me to do. I’d…

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