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Prayer is powerful. It is healing, comforting, cleansing, and most of all, it is our direct line of communication with God. If prayer is all these things and more, why is it we so often struggle with it? Maybe we feel we don’t have the time. Maybe we don’t know how or where to begin. Maybe we don’t believe we are worthy to bring our messy lives before God.

Through short daily readings and reflections, you will be supported in establishing a daily practice of prayer. This book is a gentle and encouraging blend of memoir, prayer guide, and journal. It is the perfect companion for your journey into deeper intimacy with God to help you develop the joyous daily habit of intentional and intercessory prayer and thoughtful thanksgiving.

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Dig deeper into your prayer life to draw closer to God with Ruth Hovsepian’s 100 Days of Prayer. Ms. Hovsepian’s debut book includes handy tools and encouragement to lay your heart bare to God and let Him change your heart and life with His mercy. They include Bible verses, journaling/reflection pages, prayers, hymn lyrics, and personal commentary.

The 100 Day journey is broken down into ten 10-day segments about prayer, such as: prayer is how we communicate with God, prayer is how we ask for help, prayer is how we confess our sins, and prayer is how we resist temptation. These ten topics include the author’s personal commentary, at about one-page length for each. The remaining nine days of each segment include journal/reflection pages, along with some prayer tips, making the actual written content of the book fairly short. Reflection and journaling are intended to be a significant part of this journey.

The Prayer/Reflection pages, coloring pages, and prayer list are well-designed and complement the topics. However, I read the ebook, so I wasn’t able to take full advantage of them without printing them out, but I was able to use my own paper to record my responses and reflections.

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Who would benefit from this book?

Anyone looking to amp up their prayer life or draw closer to God would find value in this book. Readers who enjoy journaling and writing down their thoughts seem to be the prime audience for this book.

How this book affected me

I appreciated Ms. Hovsepian’s honesty about her own struggles with temptation and addiction. We all struggle with some sort of sin, but that shouldn’t stop us from turning fully to God. As a Christian who enjoys seeking God with my whole heart (Jeremiah 29:13), I enjoyed and celebrated this book’s encouragement to do just that.

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